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The best Halal BBQ Smoked Meat is served here

Texas BBQ Barn in Cyberjaya is one of the best venue for a delicious and authentic Texas BBQ experience, in a minimalist barn styled environment

We are Halal BBQ Restaurant following Texas Smoked BBQ methods

We spend long hours to Smoke our meats under low and slow temperature. Our signature is Smoked Brisket using Halal Australia’s Beef which smokes for 18 hours using mixture of woods for the perfect taste, others such Smoked Chicken, Lamb, Beef Ribs, Sausage and more are also available at out Barn. All our meats are source from Certified Halal Supplier.

Come and venture the unique experience of Authentic Texas BBQ.

Our Products

Our Smoked meats can be eaten just like that or combine it with all-time favorite side dishes such Pastas, Noodles, Rice, Sandwich, Burritos, Burgers and more. Click here to check out our menu for more detail

Smoked Beef Brisket

Dry Brine Australia beef brisket before smoked with kayu rambutan & hickory for 18 hours.

Smoked Lamb

Dry Brine accompany with special brown sauce/black pepper sauce. smoked with rambutan & hickory wood for 14 hours.

Smoked Chicken

Brine ,marinated with homemade dry rubs, glazed with homemade black sauce and smoked for a few hours using Hickory & Rambutan wood.

Visit us

F-LG-3A, CBD Perdana 3, Jalan Perdana, 63000 Cyberjaya & same building as Malakat Mall. Our Barn is facing of the back road of Malakat Mall & opposite Hotel Hilal.  The easiest way to find us is via Waze and look up for “Texas BBQ Barn”.

Call us

+6-012-408 1272