About Us.

Our Restaurant.

Serving best smoked BBQs since 2020

Its family hobby become restaurant. We started out as a food for charity funding during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020. We wanted to bring our Texas BBQ recipes to our community in Malaysia

Low and slow, this is how we like to smoke our meats, just like the Texans way of doing it. Among the many delicious barbecue restaurants, Texas BBQ Barn is one of the best spot for a tasty and authentic Texas BBQ Meats

Experience the authentic smoked meats in minimalist barn styled environment.

Crafting flavors from scratch in the kitchen, we generously share our passion for BBQ in true Texan’s style.  We are now open serving lunch and dinner.

We offer a handful selection; Beef Ribs, beef brisket, pulled beef, chickens and lamb.  Hurry up  for the special such as “Prime Ribs”, “Lamb Ribs” and “Tomahawk”. 

Texas BBQ Barn are fully Muslim owned restaurants and we are in-the-middle of processing with Halal certification by JAKIM estimated to take 4 to 6 month


Quality – The quality of our food is extraordinary and we only use fresh and the best ingredients from our local and international suppliers.

Passion – We are passionate in what we do and always practice teamwork and trust within our team

Perfection – We strive for excellence and pride ourselves in giving our customers satisfaction and perfection

Professionalism – Our diverse background ensures we offer the highest professionalism at all times.

Innovation -We constantly thrive on new ideas and creation to share the knowledge and experience of barbecue inspired by the true Texas way